Salah Widget

NEW: Lock Screen Widget


The Longly awaited lock screen widget is now available.

* View next salah on your lock screen
* Shows beginning then Jamaat time

How to setup – simply follow through the SET UP instructions below and copy the LOCK SCREEN widget code

Salah Widget screenshot

The long awaited iOS Salah Widget, enabling you to view HSMC salah times at a glance.

* Simple and elegant design
* Show beginning/Jamaat times
* Changes color according to time of day

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> Install the Scriptable App (iOS)

Salah Widget screenshot

Choose your widget type:

Main widget: (as pictured above)
Tap on the white box and press copy


Lock Screen Widget (as pictured above)
Tap on the white box and press copy

Tap the green button then press the + sign


Paste code into the top half of the app using your keyboard

Depending on what you wish to set up, Name the script either: ‘Salah Widget’ or ‘Salah Lock Screen’
by pressing the button shown



Remember: Widgets is new to iOS. If you’ve setup widgets before, you should find this fairly easy. If not, then please watch this helpful video.

* Enter “Jiggle mode” (Tap and hold an empty area on your Home Screen)

* Tap + on the upper left

* In the add widget menu, search for “Scriptable” and tap

* Choose the small circular for the lock screen widget, or medium size for the standard widget

* Tap “Add Widget

* Hold down the widget box similar to the one you see below


* Tap choose and select the script name (Salah widget)

* Tap outside the widget window and you’re done! (phew!)


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