Salah Widget

The long awaited iOS Salah Widget, enabling you to view HSMC salah times at a glance.

Simple and elegant design
Show beginning/Jamaat times
Changes color according to time of day

Salah Widget screenshot

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Install the Scriptable App (iOS)

Tap on the white box and press copy

Tap the green button then press the + sign


Paste code into the top half of the app using your keyboard

Name the script ‘Salah Widget’
by pressing the button shown



Remember: Widgets is new to iOS. If you’ve setup widgets before, you should find this fairly easy. If not, then please watch this helpful video.

* Enter “Jiggle mode” (Tap and hold an empty area on your Home Screen)

* Tap + on the upper left

* In the add widget menu, search for “Scriptable” and tap

* Choose the medium display size

* Tap “Add Widget

* Hold down the widget box similar to the one you see below


* Tap choose and select the script name (Salah widget)

* Tap outside the widget window and you’re done! (phew!)


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