iOS shortcuts


Becoming hugely popular since iOS 14, shortcuts are like mini apps, that quickly help perform useful tasks.

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Quran Surahs

A handy shortcut to recite your essential surahs and duas for blessings and protection.

* Surah Mulk
* Surah Kahaf
* Surah Fatah
* 40 Rabbanas
* Daily Adkhar
* Sets a weekly reminder to recite Surah Kahaf

Not sure how to add a shortcut? see Setup guide

Version: 1.0
Published date: December 2022

Fajar Alarm


Dont miss your Salah! – use this shortcut to help you wake up for your Fajar salah before sunrise.


  • Azaan before sunrise
  • Daily Quran/Hadith quotes
  • Shows Sunrise time on notification
  • Plays Azan
  • Apple watch compatible

Important: For the shortcut to run:

1. Set automation to 45 mins before sunrise
2. Run the shortcut once and allow access to the websites

When prompted, please allow the following permissions:

location (needed for sunrise time) – set always allow – For analytics
Allow shortcuts from ‘untrusted sources’

Version: 1.0
Published date: November 2022


Qasida Burdah


* Read the Qasida with english translation & literation
* Verse numbers for easy reference
* Includes lyrics to the popular ‘Finale’
* Listen to Qasida
* Integrated voice recorder

When prompted in the shortcut, please allow the following permissions: – For analytics
Allow shortcuts from ‘untrusted sources’

For more details, please see Setup guide

Version: 1.0
Published date: November 2022

Islamic Quotes

Get inspired daily from 100’s of quotes from Quran, Hadith and Duas!

Remember to set Daily notifications by setting up automation.

Version: 1.0
Published date: 09/05/21

Quran Bookmark

Ever read Quran, then can’t remember where you last prayed?
This shortcut might just be for you!

Bookmarks last read Chapter & Ruku
Keeps a history of Quran read
Displays read number of Sajdahs
Reminder for sajdahs after completion
Monthly reminder to recite Quran
Dua upon completion of Quran
Syncs across your signed-in iCloud devices

After download – Create a file in notes and enter the word ‘Quran’ – this will log your reading sessions

Updated: 06/05/21

Zakat calculator

Giving charity (Zakat) is compulsory in Islam – This shortcut, is a basic zakat calculator which, gives you a total amount you have to take out for Zakat based on the capital deductions you provide.

Version: v1.0
Published: 5 Ramadan

Find any shortcut useful or have ideas? – let us know!

If leaving review, do mention the name of the shortcut!

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  1. Settings > Shortcuts.
  2. Turn on Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.

    “You can add shortcuts from sources outside the Gallery — from friends, personal backups, websites and more” source:

  3. After download: Scroll down to end of script, then select Add untrusted shortcut

    Grant Device Permissions: for Notes and Website access

UPDATING When updating, select replace shortcut


From the shortcuts menu.

Select automation from bottom menu
> Create personal automation.
> Time of day and select Sunrise
> Select 45 mins before sunrise and press Done
> Tick daily

Press Next
> Add action
> Select the Apps tab (below the search).
> Select Shortcuts.
> Run shortcut
> Tap on the word Shortcut next to Run icon
> Choose Fajar Alarm

Press Next
> Disable Ask before running and notify when run (if shown)
> Select Don’t ask

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