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Established in 1997, ‘MIS Productions’ stands for Maqbul Irfan Sound Productions.

Serving the community since 1997,  from audio productions, app development, radio presenting and voiceovers.

It was back in 1997 after months of experimenting and research, we discovered a method of transferring audio from what was back then a cassette player onto the computer, which enabled us to then manipulate or as its known, edit the sound.

Following on from this newly discovered technique, we released ‘Highlights of the Sunni Ijtema 1997’ our first ever production!

However, this wasn’t enough, we were still yet very ambitious to produce professional, studio quality sound which would enable us to produce CDs.  Months later, we discovered a high-end audio editing software which finally enabled us to produce results we long yearned for.

Now we could fully edit and produce professional quality recordings using just a PC and a computer mic!

Highly optimistic and excited, we released our first official Naat CD ‘Jaane Aalam’ one of many popular naat albums by the highly admirable Qari Mohammed Rizwan.  Interestingly, the recording quality of this album is much praised, even today!

This idea of producing studio quality recordings at home has over the years, generated a fair amount of interest in and around communities, where even today, we are approached by individuals who wish to either record their own Naat CDs or simply want to know the setup process.

We have since the beginning, shared our knowledge and experience with those interested, enabling them to produce their own studio quality CDs. However, more expert advice is now widely available online.

Today, we focus mainly on app development as well as existing web technologies such as over the years, introducing live video streaming via Ustream, podcasts and the newly audiobooks to sunnidawateislami.net

Sunni Dawate Islami has been an integral part in the establishment of MIS Productions, and we are indeed grateful to this organisation who has unreservedly allowed us to expose our interests and ambition onto its platform. An organisation, that has been widely embraced worldwide and as we have witnessed, works tirelessly night and day for the reformation of the modern society.

May Allah accept their good works and help them further attain their goals.

Please visit sunnidawateislami.net

Contact MIS Productions:
[email protected]